Asset Management Workflow 2

Track Service times and running hours

Asset tracking in your company doesn’t need to be a difficult. With teamfocus you simply enter your assets with the information you require, then track them through their life-cycle.

The assets move through the fully customizable stages of New, In Service, On Loan and Decommissioned.

teamfocus can even keep track of run times (for assets that require log books, such as generators and motors etc)

Keep track of loans

It’s easy to allocate a due date for return, regular servicing and even a team member who is responsible for each asset.

teamfocus also lets you see all of your assets and their status at a glance, based on where they are in your Asset Workflow.

Key Features
  • Metrics help you identify bottlenecks in the process.
    • Metrics can be changed on any step to match your requirements.
  • Fields can be customized to tailor the Workflow to your business.
  • Filters let you quickly search through all your data.

Just select the “Asset Tracking Workflow” when you start with your free team.