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In 2010, a group of friends with a large and varied range of business experience came together to solve a common problem: managing Workflow within teams.

We wanted a solution that worked for an increasingly remote workforce, tracking the status of Tasks and work assignments for many people.

teamfocus, a task management system, is what we created to solve these problems.

Our software lets you manage your projects as a team. It’s fully customizable, and is suitable for any workflow – from a simple to-do list, through to your organization’s complete work process.

We make great products to simplify peoples lives; we make life easier.

Who we are

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Our Core Values

Our core values not only help us navigate the best possible path for our product — and ultimately for our business — but also for our dedicated team. As we grow, these values remain constant, to ensure we deliver the best product for our customers.


We encourage openness, both within our team, and with our customers. We believe this makes for a great product and user experience.

Sense of Purpose

The products we build are done so with a practical focus on the impact to our customers’ lives.


We insist on ethical behaviour in our employees, which flows through to how we interact with our customers. Ethics are our compass.


This is key to developing a trusting relationship between teamfocus and our customers; and that benefits everybody.


This is reflected both in the way we exist as a team, and the relationship between the product and the people who use it.

What Our Customers Say!

Using teamfocus makes sure any customer facing tasks go through our required Quality Assessment step, this makes sure our end product is perfect every time.
Rod Johnson
Manager / ILB Computing
We use teamfocus as our second screen, it lets us know what to work on next and reduces team emails as we all know what each other is working on
With over 25 service trucks to co-ordinate, I can see at a glance what my whole team is working on, and if there are any bottle-necks in the delivery of our services
John De Carli

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