To-do Workflow


To-do Workflow

To-do Workflow

The To-do Workflow is our most simple Workflow

Whilst being simple in design, it’s very flexible in its uses. It’s great for the simple management of shared items that need a quick resolution, as you only need to move a task from ‘Active’ to ‘Complete’ once you’ve finished the task.

You can customize each step and include an image or document, to help clearly identify what’s required in the completion of the task.

The To-do Workflow also keeps a complete record of tasks completed, for reference.

Key Features
  • Metrics help you identify bottlenecks in the process.
    • Metrics can be changed on any step to match your requirements.
  • Fields can be customized to tailor the Workflow to your business.
  • Filters let you quickly search through all your data.

Just select the “To-do Workflow” when you start with your free team.