Phone Message Workflow

Phone Message Workflow

Phone Message Workflow

The Phone Message workflow lets you manage the collection and flow of messages from either a central point such as reception, or from a team approach where team members can enter and assign phone messages to other team members.

Using this workflow will ensure your team never misses another phone message that has come through reception, or been answered by another team member. This Workflow would be used in support of existing email requests.


A phone call is taken by your company’s reception staff from a client who needs a copy of the latest contract sent over. The receptionist can then create a message for the team member who who needs to return the call. At the same time, they can attach the requested contract ready for action as soon as the team member is next able to return the message.

You can also customize each step to include any additional information you require as well as attach documents and images, such as proposals and contracts to any task.

This workflow keeps a record of all messages captured along with dates and times for future reference.

Key Features
  • Metrics help you identify bottlenecks in the process.
    • Metrics can be changed on any step to match your requirements.
  • Fields can be customized in the to tailor the workflow to your needs and will also allow for the attachment of any relevant documents or images.
  • Filters let you quickly search through all your data.

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