Video Tutorials

How to video guides


Provides a high level tour of the key teamfocus features.

Adding Tasks

Shows you how to add tasks using the Quick Add as well as the standard method


Outlines the basic and advanced functionality of the teamfocus search feature.


Shows you how to create and manage Filters to search through your tasks.

Secure Fields

Shows you how add a Secure Field to your Workflow.


This video explains how to invite people to your Team and how to manage and delete them.


Explains the teamfocus Metrics feature, including how to set them up and how to get the most from Metrics.

Details and History

Takes you through how to read and manage the Details and History associated with each task.

Workflow Steps

In the first of two videos on Workflows, we focus on how to add new steps and manage existing steps.

Workflow Fields

The second in the Workflow series shows you how to add fields to you new or existing workflow.


Shows you how add and manage Tags for your tasks.